New Light

Lifestyle Portrait Photography

There is more to Soad than what meets the eye. Not only is she gorgeous on the outside, Soad’s inner soul beams with love and compassion.

I met Soad seven months ago and I can say that she is one of the most intriguing personalities I have met in recent years. Everything about Soad screams “love”. Love of people, love of life, love of adventure, and love of creativity. What I find fascinating about Soad is her utmost willingness to follow her intuition and achieve her dreams, despite any challenges that may arise. Besides studying architectural design full-time, Soad is fulfilling her passions in acting, modeling, Sufi dancing, singing, instrument-playing, pottery-making, stand up comedy, to name a few. 

I can’t help but challenge myself to become like her one day. She is a true inspiration to everyone around her. Thank you Soad for unintentionally teaching me to follow my intuition and dream big.


Many people have asked me about the location of the photo session. The first location is near the Allen Gardens Conservatory in downtown Toronto. The second location is at the incredibly cute Ezra’s Pound cafe on Dupont street in Toronto.

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