Yoga Light

Yoga Portrait Photography 

I enjoy taking photos of yogis. Their diligent postures are often exhausting, even though they look beautiful in photos. It’s not just about beauty though. To those practicing yoga, the graceful poses are much more than a physical routine. They are a spiritual journey. The poses symbolize fears conquers, egos tamed and an ever-growing awareness to name just a few of the practices these yogis cultivate through their postures. So, by doing yoga, they are not only challenging their bodies but also their minds and hearts.

I particularly love photographing Sara, owner of Fourth Chakra Yoga in Toronto because I have witnessed firsthand how yoga has helped her evolve into a stronger, more compassionate woman. Through yoga, Sara found meaning and began her first steps towards fulfilling her life purpose. I am so excited to watch her journey and am so happy I get to capture a few special moments on her healing path.


I took the photos at the beautiful UofT campus in Toronto. I highly recommend this place for portrait photography.

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