Inner Light

Yoga Portrait Photography

Photographing yogis brings me joy. And, Abeer Cassandra Rahman is a special yogi to me because she is my longtime friend.

Just like a butterfly, Abeer is full of color. She could fly anywhere to follow the scent of love. Yet, just like a butterfly, Abeer flies with poise and grace. It’s always exciting for me to be around her. She is gorgeous inside out. Plus, she has the most beautiful curls 🙂

Abeer began practicing yoga more than 10 years ago. She quickly immersed herself in the ancient practice to become a traveling yoga and an instructor in the Greater Toronto Area.

You must be wondering where the photos were taken. Abeer introduced me to the city of Oakville in Ontario. This particular spot is located near the Oakville Yacht Squadron – approximately 45 kilometers west of Toronto. I highly recommend this area for photography.

If you want to follow Abeer on Instagram, use this tag @abeer_cassandra_rahman. You could also check her website 

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