Beauty Light

Lifestyle Portrait Photography 

I love projecting peoples’ personalities in the photos.

Lins is a real beauty, inside and out, whose mission is to make others look and feel beautiful. Hence the title of the album 

Lina is an award-winning makeup artist and hair stylist based in Toronto. She has nearly 10 years’ experience in her field, mostly in Dubai.

What stood out to me when I first met Lina is her humbleness and kind heart. So I made sure to showcase this in the photos. Take a close look at the photos, do see innocence in her face and passion in her eyes?

I figured a fresh, airy mood would reflect Lina’s easy going and kind personality in the photos. I asked Lina to wear light tones such as white, off-white, baby pink and beige. In addition, I suggested we shoot the photos in her own apartment and got her to do subtle poses.

If you want to see her work, feel free to check out her website or Instagram at @linasmakeup

Location: Some people have asked me if I did this photo session in a studio. The answer is “no”. All the photos were taken at Lina’s apartment in Toronto.

Enjoy the Album!


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