Hi, my name is Rana Latif and I’m a portrait photographer based in Toronto, Ontario.5D3_0236-5

I have taken photos throughout my career as a journalist, as well as in more personal settings before I took up photography as a profession in 2017.

I received my first professional camera (Nikon D3200) in 2015 as a gift from my husband who has witnessed my passion for photography grow over the years.  I got hooked on photography ever since I looked through the viewfinder and clicked on the shutter of my DSLR camera. Capturing moments through my camera lens grew deeper over the years and still excites me to this day.

My friends and family have encouraged me to become a professional photographer after seeing my photos and the spark in my eyes as I described the story behind each one of them. So, here I am 🙂

**Photo credit: Stephen Hutchinson